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"The only source of knowledge is experience."
-- Albert Einstein
A Spiritual Approach


Audition Coaching Session

Breakthrough Session

You gotta book that room before you book that job! ​It's about confidence. A great coach can lead you to that confidence. Treisa's experience in the audition process and beyond, can truthfully enhance your gifts. And to top it off, she comes to you, in your own energetic space! To schedule this session most efficiently,  Please call by phone. $125 hr​​.

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Living life, having a family and a career can have its challenges. To be in alignment with finding our purpose, our challenges may require removing blocks and breaking patterns. When we vibrate higher, we make choices that lead to action and success. Treisa's wisdom and experience is known to have an artist 
feeling focused, empowered and inspired
 to action. $125 hr.

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All appointments require 24 hr cancellation or pay in full -- No Refunds

Text (818) 599-5719 or click here to schedule your session. 
All services are available in-person, by phone or facetime/skype, unless otherwise noted.

Polish Session 

​​Heart-to-Heart Session

Energy Healing Session

What is seen on the outside is a reflection of what's inside. This 2-hour session is designed to get your instrument smooth and shiny, from the inside - out. It's a one-on-one session of detailed scene work specifically tailored to you. It's about aligning your energy with your craft and 
magnitizing what you need to meet your goals. With the mind, body and spirit tuned-up, everything falls into place. Treisa's experience can provide you with amazing tools that produce results. This is an ideal pilot season workout. 
You will perform scenes for this 2-Hour session. $225

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It takes a special person to support and artist. Being creative is a process and we will always require clarity to move forward as we grow. Every great player benefits from having a great coach who understands this unique experience called the creative process. Treisa "gets it". The wisdom and perspective she offers has been proven valuable to many artists. Sometimes a heart-to-heart
is all that's needed to release the lingering thoughts, feelings or questions that keep us in our heads.
$75 - 45 mins.

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By phone or facetime only
As artists, we often feel energetically disconnected from who we are. Energetic healing involves clarity, acceptance and release.  These sessions are intuitively led and could include indoor/outdoor activities, meditations, card reads, clearings or conversation. With spirit as your guide, it's always an enlightening and uplifting experience. Treisa is not a doctor, 
nor does she predict the future. She is merely a vessel through which your guides allow 
communication through her gift of empathy.$150 hr.

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One Booking After Another

Authentic Confidence
 Audition Technique
Experienced Support
Confidence books the job.
It's so true! And confidence requires practice. So does our passion, patience and  level of honesty within our work. At Evidently Acting, all private sessions operate from these core beliefs. You will feel the difference inside and out. Whether you need a coach for an audition, need an audition technique or guidance to make a breakthrough. All committed artist who wants to win are welcomed. As actors, we do the work to book jobs, build credits and increase confidence. We truly experience ourselves as working artists. Isn't that what we want?

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Goodbye audition roulette!
With "8 Steps To Working Actor" under your belt, you'll never have to ask your agent for a follow up. Obviously, you won't know if you booked it until you do, but wih "8 Steps" you'll know exactly how you did in the room. Actors who are coached with the "8 Steps" technique are confident going in and confident coming out. This is an 8 hour course of exclusive, private coaching with Treisa. This technique is not for beginners. You must have actor training. An interview is required. ​ Must be 18 or over.
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Aligning with your purpose.
Every artist has a different path, with different needs at different times. Breakthroughs are inevitable and not making them could directly influence your art. Having experienced support is a blessing. Your  service will be one-on-one and tailored to your needs. The support available is impactful, practical and stress-free. Coaching privately with Treisa is a great way to elevate your game. Truly, it influences your entire life and experience is everything.

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Client Feedback
Treisa is a wonderful coach. Her system not only helped me to book my first network tv role - it also gave me a whole new perspective on life. 
I highly recommend her.​​
Anna Barhram, Actor
Booked Mistresses and Rosewood
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