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The Perfect Scene Breakdown
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Start making a living with "8 Steps".
The transformational audition technique!

  • Remove "guess work" from breaking down scenes
  • Demystify the audition process
  • Eliminate stress, nerves & audition anxiety
  • Decrease audition prep time
  • Eliminate one-noted scenes
  • Reveal the secret of making "choices"
  • Save money on coaching
  • Adjust in the room with ease
  • Ignite passion for scene work
  • Build confidence, add color & depth to auditions


WHAT IS "8 Steps"?
What if I told  you that THE STRUGGLE TO BOOK THE JOB is NOT about acting ability but ACTUALLY audition technique? And knowing EXACTLY what’s missing could change your life?

IMAGINE what you could do when you ELIMINATE THE GAMBLE from auditioning and flip them into ONE BOOKING AFTER ANOTHER. I’ve been teaching “8 Steps To Working Actor” since 2009 and it's helped not only me, but hundreds of actors become working actors BY JUST LEARNING THIS SIMPLE TECHNIQUE. It puts you in the game with all the top of the line equipment. Why? Because it was created by a working actor who lives it every day.​​

It's a comprehensive script breakdown, audition technique that includes the business of acting and nurtures the mindset required to become a working actor. It transforms the way you approach auditions. YOU’LL FIND MORE CONFIDENCE, CONNECTION TO THE MATERIAL AND SUCCESS.

The 8-hour training consists of 5 weeks of one-on-one sessions with Treisa Gary, working actor/coach/author/healer. She has personally booked over 60 TV/Film roles in a very short time using this simple technique. It has transformed her experience as an artist and for her clients as well.  Evidently Acting is an orchard of talent. In this orchard, Treisa shares the fruits of her labor, "8 Steps to Working Actor". If you're an artist interested in changing the way you look at auditions and distinguishing yourself from all the other apples in the bunch, it's no accident, you were led here. Treisa's clients have booked hundreds of tv/film roles. Blue Apples are working and making their living as artists. Take a peek at the reviews below. 

Session 1 - (3 1/2 hours) - you will learn the full technique using both comedic and dramatic sides from current tv shows.
Session 2 - 5 - (1 hour each) - you will practice using the technique until it becomes second nature.​​
Created & taught by a successful working actor
Access to Treisa Gary's personal toolbox for success
Casting Process knowledge is shared throughout
Perform in every session
Headshot/Resume re-work (as needed) 
Receive a copy of "8 Steps To Working Actor" book
(not sold w/o technique) 
She comes to you!!
(Regularly $1,999)

​Book More...Build Confidence...Become a Blue Apple!!! 

NOTE: Treisa only teaches "8 Steps" to a limited numbr of pre-screened actors a year.  
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After taking the initial 5 weeks of "8 Steps", it is crucial to  practice it. Once it's under your belt, you'll feel like, " I got this", and you do, because it'll feel natural. But don't forget,  it doesn't just continue to work unless you "WORK IT".  The more you practice, the more second nature it becomes. It's results are directly related to its use.

I am happy to keep actors inspired and will make myself available for any committed actor who wants to win. On-going sessions are available within 24 hour notice.  

Soon, you'll be able to coach yourself for auditions! It can arm you with the skills necessary to coach yourself! Save big bucks and valuable time on what you would normally spend on coaching for auditions. That's one of the reasons it's so amazing. You'll have this valuable tool for the rest of your acting life! ​​

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  • Adult actors 18 and over
  • Actors with relevant training - no beginners
  • Actors with tv/film credits who want to book more
  • Actors back in the audition game after time away 
  • Actors who'd like to build confidence in the room
  • Auditioning actors who struggle with audition anxieties
  • Auditioning actors who are not booking, getting callbacks or screen tests
  • Working actors who value a great coach to help them shine!

If you are not certain, please  connect with me . I'm happy to help. 

  • EXPERIENCE getting out of your head & into your emotions as an auditioning actor
  • EXPERIENCE increased confidence in auditions when you are tuned up in all areas
  • EXPERIENCE guidance from a working actor who understands you as an artist and human being
  • EXPERIENCE knowing the character types you'll be hired for
  • EXPERIENCE pride knowing you invested in yourself and earned the rewards associated with it
  • EXPERIENCE saving money on coaching because "8 Steps" teaches you to coach yourself and so much more!


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